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 iVillian Beta

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Epic Failrar and Giver of Banhammer

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PostSubject: iVillian Beta   Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:53 am

Here is the beta version of the theme for the iPhone. iVillain is based on the new H
TC Hero. It has a flip clock and weather widget. It also has a themed dialer and icons, up next is to continue to theme more apps and the UI to match the style of the HTC Hero.

To install:
•Unzip package
•Use your favorite SSH client to place the to .theme files in the theme directory (/Library/Themes) on your iPhone.

To Config weather to you locale:
Will will need to edit the ConfigureME.js file (/Private/ConfigureMe.js) in the WeatherWiget.theme file. Simply change the location to "your city,your country".

This theme is no longer being worked on by the original creator.
Creator: ~Justflikwalk

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iVillian Beta
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