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 LS Nimbus

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Epic Failrar and Giver of Banhammer
Epic Failrar and Giver of Banhammer

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PostSubject: LS Nimbus    Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:37 am

*Update - The theme is now compatible with SD devices.
*Update - Added a non-weather version of the theme. It's located in the Extras folder.
*Update - Fixed the issue with two leading zeros appearing in front of the time at midnight

This one draws inspiration from several sources: Chancellorr , adambobbyburgers' New Leaf, some elements from MadLockscreen, and some from Frost LS.

The font I am using is called 'Geo Sans Light'. If you choose to use a different font, you will most likely need to move things around on the screen a bit.

Search for 'var locale = Ann Arbor, MI' to change your location

Creator: ~technouse

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LS Nimbus
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